Carolina Employment Business Training Centre

CEBT is a relationship-based organization that is situated in Carolina, Mpumalanga but not limited to it. We are an information, creative and developmental hub we believe in holistically developing our client who are the heartbeat and life line of organization.

” Try and fail but never fail to try “

Bonisile Fortunate Shongwe is a young black Woman an activist and social entrepreneur. Miss Shongwe grew up in Carolina a mining town and went to further her studies at the University of Johannesburg where she did Industrial Engineering. Her passion, involves seeing the black community actively participating and being capacitated as a way of addressing the historical injustices Black people were subject to. 

Ms Shongwe has successfully used her voice in the mining industry  (which is predominantly male dominated ) to affirm and speak for her community to access employment, business and skill development opportunities.  Both her Entrepreneurial wit and activism spirit;  are rooted in women empowerment and Black love. Her work is the expression of the love she has for black people in general and black women in particular.  She is the definitive figure of ‘Young black and gifted ‘.
Her work, and the results thereof,  eloquently speak to this truth.

Carolina Employment Business and Training: is an organisation that is founded on the principle of love. This organisation exist and continues to change lives because Ms Shongwe loved her community to that degree.

Skills Development

The organisation has assisted local residents get training so as they are employable in our local mines, it is in a process of building a training centre so that it can meet the scarcity of skills shortage giving the local resident an opportunity to be trained by an accredited institution so that they get first preference in employment opportunities that arise within the area.

Business Development

The organisation assists small businesses with registration and getting necessary documents to help them be competent in procurement services. It also hosts workshops facilitated by professionals which assist small entrepreneurs to grow their businesses by offering knowledge on various aspects of running a successful business.

Matric Tutoring​
Matric Tutoring

We have tutors who assist learners during the week and we have partnered with a professional tutoring company for weekends to deal with the core subjects such as Mathematics, Physical Science, Life Science, Technical Maths, Technical Drawing, Accounting, Economics etc. We plan on expanding and having an App designed to efficiently run this program

Matric expo
Matric expo

We do full expo and invite different institutions and professionals to come give advice and information on the different career options that are available.

Leadership Camp
Leadership Camp

We want to host a leadership camp for grade 9-11 learners where we will have professional facilitators who will facilitate the camp and groom leadership skills from learners which have been identified.

ICT Centre​
ICT Centre

We want to expand our services to the community by having a centre to teach people basic computer literacy and have virtual office space for aspiring entrepreneurs. To have Printing hub so that the organization can generate money to carry out its objectives

spelling be
Spelling Bee’s

We have a professional Psychologist who has been doing career guidance in tertiary level who will conduct tests to assist learners when making career choices.

Debate & Dialogue​
Debate & Dialogue

We have partnered with the Department of Education to run Debates and Dialogues with local schools to discuss current news and shape young leaders, the aim is to have learners to apply critical thinking and get them to engage on things they are ignorant of yet affect them.

Career guidance & Screening​
Career guidance & Screening

We have a professional Psychologist who has been doing career guidance in tertiary level who will conduct tests to assist learners when making career choices.

Employment & Business Database

We are developing an app which will capture local job seekers and business and his information be readily made available to Employers and Clients.


Sanitizer and masks drive
Mandela food parcel drive
Mealie Meal drive
Sanitizer and masks drive​

CEBT  in partnership with IPP Mining and Material Handling  embarked on a sanitizer and masks drive in response to the request put forward by Carolina DBE circuit as schools were reopening and all schools had to be in compliance with the national covid regulations.

Mandela food parcel drive​

With the national lockdown having affected the countries economy and the plight was mostly felt by the needy and vulnerable farm communities, CEBT funded by Universal Coal reached out to provide relief to 100 families.

Mealie Meal drive​

in response to food price hikes and families barely affording basic food SG Coal in partnership with CEBT provided 150 families in the 3 Carolina wards with Maize meal